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Information for Authors

General Instructions | Submission Procedures | Obtaining Releases | Copyright | Style

General Instructions

ECRP Submissions Suspended
Because we currently have a backlog of submissions and have had to reduce the number of papers published each year, ECRP is not accepting any new submissions until further notice. We will make an announcement through our ECRP newsletter and Facebook page when we begin accepting submissions again.

Articles may be submitted in either English or Spanish.

All work submitted to Early Childhood Research & Practice (ECRP) for electronic publication should be original and not previously published in or submitted to another journal or as a book chapter. If previously included in a proceedings, the version submitted to ECRP should significantly extend the proceedings version. All submissions will first be reviewed by the editor and/or associate editors. Manuscripts selected for blind review will be reviewed in their original language, will be returned to the author if revisions are suggested, and will be copyedited and proofread in-house by ECRP editors. A copy of the Reviewer Instructions Form used by peer reviewers is available on this Web site. The author will be asked to review a final version of an article before publication.

Submission Procedures

To submit work, send an e-mail message to with the subject line “ECRP Submission.” The attached submission should include a title page with a title and complete names and affiliations for all the authors. In addition, each submission should identify a corresponding author with that author’s name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. Each submission should also include a statement that the manuscript is original, has not been published, and is not under consideration anywhere else.

Attach your article as a Microsoft Word or .odt file. Acknowledgment of receipt of the work will be sent to the corresponding author. In addition to the electronic submission, one paper copy of the manuscript should be mailed to the following address:

ECRP Editor
Early Childhood and Parenting Collaborative
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Children's Research Center
51 Gerty Drive
Champaign, IL 61820-7469
Toll-free phone: 877-275-3227

Please consult our checklist (PDF) before submitting your article.

Review time: As a peer-reviewed scholarly journal, our review process is currently taking 6–12 months. Review times vary depending on time of submission and availability of reviewers.

Obtaining Releases

Authors are responsible for obtaining all necessary releases/permissions required for an article and will be asked to sign a form stating that they have obtained all necessary releases. The kinds of manuscripts requiring releases from individuals, teachers, children, schools, principals, school districts, etc. are quite varied. However, case studies, ethnographies, teacher research, and oral/life history usually require a release from participants. Use of vignettes, portraits, or real life examples also may require authors to obtain releases. You should also obtain releases from people (or parents of children) included in photographs, videos, or audio clips. Also, you should obtain permission of parents to use a photograph of their child’s artwork.

As a rule of thumb, whenever educational researchers conduct their studies, their standard release forms should include a line stating that this material may be used at some future date for publication in paper or electronic form. Contact ECRP editors ( with questions about releases.


ECAP does not request copyright to articles published in Early Childhood Research & Practice. Although authors retain copyright, ECAP does request first serial publication rights. If an article is accepted for publication, the first author will be required to sign a release form granting ECAP the right to publish the article in ECRP.



Submitted papers should follow American Psychological Association (APA) style (Sixth Edition) except as noted in References section below.



Artwork (e.g., figures, graphs, and pictures) should be submitted as separate graphics files (e.g., .jpg, .tif, .eps, .ai, .xls).

Tables and charts

Use Microsoft Word’s Insert Table function when you create tables rather than lining up text with spaces or tabs. Also, use plain tables and not Microsoft Word’s shaded table styles or built-in Quick Tables.

Sound and Video

ECRP articles may include sound and video clips. Video files should be submitted separately as .mp4 files. Consult ECRP editors about the length of videos. Please contact the ECRP staff for recommended audio formats. Authors should provide transcripts for audio or video clips to accommodate translation and access for individuals with disabilities.


Authors may indicate in their text suggested places for hypertext links; however, journal staff will make a final determination of which links to include.


Using an author-date citation style, authors should list all works cited in the text alphabetically at the end of the article. Early Childhood Research & Practice uses a modified editorial style based on the Sixth Edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. ECRP style differs from the APA style principally in the use of authors’ full first names in the reference list rather than the use of only their initials. In addition, we insert semicolons between the names of three or more authors in a reference.

Sample Article Citation
Webster, Alec; Feiler, Anthony; Webster, Valerie; & Lovell, Claire. (2004). Parental perspectives on early intensive intervention for children diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder. Journal of Early Childhood Research, 2, 25–49. doi:10.1177/1476718X0421002

Sample Monograph Citation
Buysse, Virginia, & Wesley, Patricia W. (2005). Consultation in early childhood settings. Baltimore: Paul H. Brookes.

Sample Chapter Citation
Gano-Phillips, Susan, & Fincham, Frank D. (1995). Family conflict, divorce, and children’s adjustment. In Mary Anne Fitzpatrick & Anita L. Vangelisti (Eds.), Explaining family interactions (pp. 206–231). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Sample ECRP Citation
Thompson, Stacy D., & Bruns, Deborah A. (2013). Parents with children in early intervention: A comparison of perceptions of adolescent and adult mothers across two states. Early Childhood Research & Practice, 15(1). English | Spanish

Sample Citation of Report Available Online
Barnett, W. Steven; Carolan, Megan E.; Fitzgerald, Jen; & Squires, James H. (2011). The state of preschool 2011: State preschool yearbook. New Brunswick, NJ: National Institute for Early Education Research.

For more information, please contact journal staff by e-mail at or call toll-free at (877) 275-3227.